Short Courses

Natural Building Apprenticeship

For the past few years, we have run two 15-day modules each summer in July-August, about solar design, earth buildings and/or ecological toilets. Taught by Sourabh Phadke and Sonam Wangchuk, with Robert Celaire from France for the solar design modules.

In 2018 we are unable to run these courses due to expanding other courses and a shortage of housing. We will run them again in 2019 because our new hostel building will be finished and will allow more people to stay at SECMOL.

In 2017, it took a new form: The Sun and Earth Natural Building Festival, 20th July- 31st July, 2017

Why build GREY when you can build GREEN BUILDINGS with Sun and Earth…
Learn the essentials of mud and solar construction and celebrate the Sun and Earth in this 12-day International festival. Learning from world leaders, hands-on practical experience, music, fun & festivities, and a field trip to hidden architectural treasures of Ladakh highlight the event. Do not miss this unprecedented opportunity to network with experts from all over the world and experience Ladakh’s rich cultural heritage!

For the last five years SECMOL, with its 23 years of experience in natural building construction, has been organizing earth and solar courses with participants from around the world. This year the event will be celebrated as an International Festival at the upcoming university, Himalayan Institute of Alternatives, Phyang, Ladakh, from 20th July to 31 July, 2017.

World leaders like Patrice Doat and team from CRATerre France, master plasterers Kinya Maruyama from Japan & Sylvie Wheeler from France, renowned potter Angad Vohra from Auroville, and bioclimatic engineers and architects like Robert Celaire from France, Sanjay Prakash and Sonam Wangchuk from India and many more will lead a series of hands-on workshops on earth building techniques including rammed earth, cob, adobe, straw-clay, earth finishings, floorings, roofing, and passive design principles for climate responsive buildings.

Registration for the 12-day Sun and Earth Festival closes on 20th June 2017.
Course investment: INR 36,000/- (highly subsidised; true fee comes to INR 72,000/-) This includes training fee, course material, traditional homestays, food and a 2-day field trip. Ladakhi participants will be assisted with need-based scholarships.

To apply or for further details please send email to: