SECMOL’s long courses are for youth from Ladakh only. We are very small, but recently we have been getting requests for admission for children from all over India, which is not possible for us. Maybe in the future, but not at this time. Our Foundation Year is for youth from Ladakh who have failed their class 10 exams recently, and because it is for young people who have not succeeded in education before, of course it is mostly run in their mother tongue, Ladakhi.

Our short courses (1 or 2 weeks) on solar design, natural building, or other topics are in English and open to people from everywhere. Note, these courses are not for children under 18.

If you want to volunteer, please read the volunteering page and if everything suits you, fill the form found there.

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SECMOL Office in Leh : (+91) 1982 252421
SECMOL Campus, Phey: (+91) 1982 226120 (Currently out of use due to construction work.)

From inside India or from a mobile phone in Ladakh: 01982-
From outside India: +91-1982-

Location of Phey Campus

SECMOL Campus at Phey is 17 km west of Leh, next to the Indus River, 3 km west of the centre of Phey village.

Directions to the Campus

The easiest way to reach SECMOL Campus from Leh town is to drive. The drive takes 30 minutes. The official taxi rate is Rs 850 in 2018, but it is sometimes possible to find a taxi for Rs 500.

The best road to Phey village and SECMOL leaves the highway after the army camps at Guphuks. The highway goes up to the right, and you take the road to the left, which stays level along the Indus river. This turn-off is at the right-hand edge of our map. From there, itĀ is about 3 km to Phey, and then another 3 km to SECMOL.

If you come by public bus you have to walk 3 km from a different spot. Take any bus going to Phyang village or the Sham region and ask the conductor to let you off at the road to SECMOL (which is oppositeĀ where the road to Phyang leaves the highway). The bus takes about 30 minutes, and then the walk also takes 30 minutes. Coming from Leh, pass Phey village on the highway, as far as the road to Phyang. Turn left at the sign for SECMOL (i.e. away from Phyang)Ā and keep walking straight toward the distant mountains to the south. When you see the Indus River in front of you, you can see SECMOL Campus off to your right.Ā 

SECMOL Campus Area Map 2015

Click the above map for a bigger version.

When visiting the campus for the first time, pleaseĀ print this page for the above directions, and also print a copy of the bigger version map. This is because phone signal is extremely limited in the area, so you cannot rely on apps such as Google Maps or Apple Maps that require a mobile data connection. (Please note that you can pre-download maps in Google Maps and the HERE WeGo app, which then means you only need GPS/”location” on your phone. Likewise, SatNavs that only require GPS should work in the area, but we recommend bringing a printed map and directions just in case.)

The campus is at Latitude 34.131247 N and Longitude 77.444531 E. Its altitudeĀ is 3200m or 10,400 feet above sea level.

See a satellite image of the SECMOL Campus on Wikimapia.

Location of Leh Office

SECMOL’s town office is in the Housing Colony at the lower end of Leh town. From centre of the town, go down to the roundabout next to the Petrol Pump, and take the road towards Choglamsar and Manali. Pass the Hill Council Complex with its big dome on your left. After that look for an untarred road to the left, with a large sign for Leh Nutrition Project and a small sign for SECMOL. Our office is up that road on the right.

Postal Address

PO Box 4
UT Ladakh 194101, INDIA