Recent events

September – October 2015:┬áThe college students who recently finished their 3 years at SECMOL along with staff member Rigzin Norbu, went on an exposure tour to Himachal, Delhi, Udaipur and Kashmir.

August 2015: Foundation Year students tour to Nubra and Turtuk.

August 2015: Camp for students of Eliezer Jolden Memorial Degree College, Leh, about Climate Change.

July 2015: Vikalp Sangam confluence in Leh.

July, August 2015: Two Natural Building Apprenticeships at SECMOL Campus with Sourabh Phadke, Sonam Wangchuk, and Robert Celaire.

June, July, August 2015: Visiting student groups from USA, England, and India stayed for up to 21 days to share life, experiences, and conversation with the Ladakhi students of SECMOL.

May 2015: A new batch of Ladakhi students started Foundation Year; they are from Leh and Kargil Districts, and include some from the Brokpa (Dard) culture. Also, 12 first-year college students have started living at SECMOL Hostel while attending EJM Degree College in Leh during the days, along with the more senior college students who have been at SECMOL for one, two or three years already. So now the Campus is its usual lively state.

June 2015: CAMP FOR LADAKHI COLLEGE STUDENTS and Ladakhis who study outside Ladakh. Two themes: Media Awareness and Green Leadership. A Media Awareness Workshop was run by students and professors of St. Michael’s College, US. Guest Speakers on the environment of Ladakh came from LREDA, LEHO, and SLC-IT; and other guest speakers.

June 2015: NEW WATER SYSTEM FOR CAMPUS. A new borewell was dug in winter, and hit water at 130 feet down. In June we installed our old solar panels to lift water to the tanks that hold our domestic water supply. This helps with the water shortage, and makes all the tapwater at the campus very clean drinking water.

April 2015: CAMP FOR STUDENTS AFTER 10th CLASS EXAMS 12 – 27 April: youth camp for students who had just taken the class 10 J&K exams.

April 2015. Sad goodbyes for staff Phunchok Dolma and Stanzin Norbu (Shara). A warm welcome for new campus staff Rigzin Norbu; office administrator and accountant Spalzom; and Martine joining the Ice Stupa project. Office assistant Stanzin Youdon from Lingshet joined us soon afterwards.

5 March: Inauguration of the Ice Stupa (artificial glacier) in Phyang, and planting of trees there.

End of Feb: Goodbye party for Foundation Year students, and staff member Tsering Kunzes, who has been at SECMOL on and off for 10 years, since starting college. Floods of tears.

10 – 20 Feb 2015: A youth camp themed on entrepreneurship for 50 campers from all parts of Leh District, and about 15 students from last year’s Foundation batch.

Feb 2015: SECMOL girls participate in national ice hockey championships, joining various teams.

Jan 2015: SECMOL Women’s Ice Hockey team wins the CEC’s cup tournament.

8 – 15 Jan: Children of Phey village come every day to learn how to skate, on our skates and rink.

Later in Jan, we supported two former students / staff who were organising winter activities for children of their own regions with skates and gear, one in Sham and one in Durbuk block.

2 Jan 2015: Students’ bimonthly presentations of their responsibilities.

28 Dec 2014: SECMOL Peers Network (SPN) holds meeting of old SECMOLpas (anyone who has ever been at SECMOL as staff or student for one year or more). They decided on bylaws and elected officers of SPN.

Late Dec: Watering the ice rink every night at the beginning. After it forms, we have to water it only once in the evening.

16 Dec: While Ladakhi Buddhists celebrate Galdan Ngamchot, we celebrate that with illumination, and also do Losar traditions here, before heading home for Losar break.

9 Dec: Foundation students present their independent study projects.

Nov 2014: While founder Sonam Wangchuk is in France, SECMOL Alternative Institute is conferred a UNESCO Chair for Earthen Architecture.

Oct: A SECMOL staff member joins other local Future Earth members on a campaign trek in Markha Valley about organic farming.

Oct: Rinchen Dolkar, campus head, goes to France at the invitation of Alpes Himalaya Association, to attend a film festival “Pastoralisme et Grand Espaces” and to see schools, artisans, and rural activities.

Oct 23: First meeting of SECMOL Peers network, at SECMOL office, Leh.

Oct: Foundation Year students’ annual exposure tour, this year to Himachal Pradesh, visiting Tso Padma at Rewalsar, and generously hosted and shown around by organisations Sambhaavnaa and Deer Park.

Sept: Four new college students join the batch who live at SECMOL Campus and attend Eliezer Joldan Memorial College in Leh.

Aug: Students of Serkyong School in Tabo Spiti come to stay at SECMOL Campus for a week of exposure and exchange.

Aug: Annual jam picnic at Alchi to make the year’s supply of apricot jam.

July – Aug: The Natural Building Apprenticeship at SECMOL Campus with Sourabh Phadke. Passive solar design and Earthen building modules.