SECMOL in The Media

Vikalp Sangam, Sept 18 2014.
“SECMOL” by Sujatha Padmanabhan (follows up on several old SECMOL senior students who are now teachers, social entrepreneurs, in green business, local leadership, etc.)

The Sunday Indian, 9 August 2009.
“A Pedagogy of Reform” by Zubair A. Dar.

JetLite Magazine, October 2009. Read article here.
“Lessons from the Rooftop” by Freny Manecksha.

Times of India, 26 July, 2008.
“Teach India: Think local, think Ladakhi” by Sakshi Khattar.

Himal Southasian, September 2007. Read article here.
“Education reform, Interrupted: After having transformed Ladakh’s education system, a grassroots reform movement is now struggling against vendettas spearheaded by those in the bureaucracy” by Justin Shilad.

Tehelka, 11 November, 2006. Or read article here.
“Return of the Native: The cultural discrimination experienced by Ladakhi students led Sonam Wangchuk to start a local movement for educational reforms” by Mahesh Bhat.

Sanctuary Asia 2005. Or read article here.
“Energy: Blending technology and culture” by Sunetro Ghosal.

Cultural Survival Quarterly, Winter 2004. Or read article here.
“Rewriting the books in Ladakh” by Jonathan Mingle.

The Week Magazine, December 2001. Read article here.
“Man of the Year: Master Touch” by Vijaya Pushkarna.

Outlook, 25 June, 2001. Or read article here.
“Ladakh’s schools are now more culturally rooted, thanks to SECMOL” by Avishek Ganguly.

Green Governance: Biodiversity and Business. Read article here.
“SECMOL unfolds its eco-secrets to the army.”